Unwind with Your Favorite Drinks in These 6 NYC Bars

It feels great to relax in an elegant bar with a soothing drink or two. When you’re in New York City, you can be assured of having the best choices in bars. Whether you’re looking for a martini or one of the non-alcoholic cocktails, NYC bars never disappoint.

Besides the best options in drinks, some of these bars have a pleasant ambiance. Apparently, there’s something for everyone in the bars of New York City. So, let’s explore some of the city’s bars where you can unwind with your favorite drinks:

1. The Long Island Bar

Many in the city like to come to this bar for its excellent selections of wine. The Long Island Bar has been operating for five decades under the same name. Such is the bar’s popularity that it tends to fill up fast with patrons. Even the outdoor seating is not enough to accommodate the overwhelming crowds.

You might have to wait for your turn as well. However, it’s worth it, considering the bar’s offerings of world-class gimlets, beers, and martinis.

2. Mace

This bar first opened in 2015 and then moved to West 8th Street. Ever since it first started serving its customers, Mace has become one of the favorites. It got a little more room after moving to the new location, facilitating outdoor dining. The bar has a 27-foot zinc bar and an elegant and cozy interior.

You can try the spice and botanical-forward cocktails during your time spent in Mace. They might be among the best frozen drinks you’ve ever had.

3. Sunny’s

You’ll love the booths and long bar that make up the environment inside Sunny’s. This much-favored bar is one of the most in-demand destinations in New York City. People arrive here to listen to some twangy live music in the back and side yard. Although there’s a full bar in Sunny’s, they’re also skilled in creating their own beer.

4. Bemelmans Bar

You’ll find the original murals of Ludwig Bemelman in this bar. He was a famous illustrator of novels and children’s books, best known for his illustrations in Madeline. Enjoying your favorite cocktails in this bar can be quite expensive. Those who’ve been frequenting this bar mostly like the JFK Daiquiri and Aviation cocktails.

5. Clover Club

One of the finest among the restaurants and bars of Smith Street, Clover Club has been operating since 2008. Whether you’re a regular of this bar or visiting it for the first time, you’ll love this place. It makes you feel comfortable with its elaborate cocktail menu and excellent seating arrangements.

It has a Victorian feel to it, with all those vintage sofas, intricately-crafted tiles, and a fireplace. At its center is a mahogany bar where you’ll be served the soothing drinks. Don’t forget to order some delectable items such as chips fried in duck fat.

6. Good Judy

Ever since this glossy bar opened in 2020, it has become a favorite of many from the queer community. They come together in groups and have an excellent time drinking cocktails and savoring the pretzels. Upon entering through the narrow facade, you can find half a dozen seats at the bar. You’ll also come across a patio in the back and a piano lounge upstairs.

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