6 Exciting Activities You Can Try in New York City

The moment you arrive in New York City (NYC), you might start making a to-do list for your tour. You’ll see that the city offers much more than you’ve thought. It has some fantastic art museums, monuments, and many other attractions worth visiting. Besides, the city’s drinking and dining scene is something truly unbeatable.

You’ll come across many bars and restaurants that give you some immersive experiences. Every day of your tour would be an opportunity for you to discover something new. We’ve listed some of the exciting activities here, which you can try while you’re in NYC:

1. Take a helicopter tour of the city

One of the fun things you can indulge in while exploring New York City is a helicopter tour. It would be a thrilling way to witness NYC’s famous landmarks. You’ll also be delighted to see the awe-inspiring sights of Hudson River and its bay. Flying above the skyline in the helicopter would allow you to enjoy the panoramic views in a relaxed manner.

2. Experience indoor skydiving at iFly Westchester

Looking for some more thrills? Head straight to iFly Westchester to enjoy skydiving without any dangers. This indoor skydiving facility has a themed wind tunnel. It allows you to get a feel of skydiving minus the risks involved in the actual activity. You don’t need to do any jumping or be concerned about bad weather. It would also be an exhilarating experience for kids if you’re in the city with your family.

3. Get a ride on ‘The Beast

You can enjoy splendid views of lower and midtown areas of Manhattan with a ride on The Beast. This luxury jet boat will make you hold on to your hat as it zooms past the New York Bay. This is certainly one of the most unforgettable things you’ll get to do in New York City.

You’ll also appreciate the live music that plays during the boat’s journey. Don’t forget to keep your smartphone or digital camera ready. You’ll get to click some cool snaps of the Statue of Liberty from The Beast.

4. Watch a Broadway show

You’ll be missing something from your NYC tour if you don’t watch a Broadway show. After all, it is the heart of the performing arts scene in the city. It would be an experience like no other with a variety of worldwide musicals to choose from. Some of the popular shows include The Phantom of the Opera, The Lion King, and The Book of Mormon.

5. Access the catacombs of the Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral

You’ll get the right doses of thrills by exploring the catacombs of the Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral. Upon buying a ticket for this spooky tour, you’ll get access to the off-limit areas of the cathedral. This 90-minute walking tour would take you deep into the cathedral’s underworld. The entire tour would be conducted with candlelight, which makes the experience even more chilling.

6. Enjoy a ride on the horse-drawn carriage at Central Park

A ride around Central Park on a horse-drawn carriage would truly be a mesmerizing experience. You’ll get to hear the clip-clopping of the horses’ hooves during the tour. You can either take this tour with your family or group of friends or the other like-minded travelers. Each of these carriages can accommodate four individuals. Among the attractions that you’ll pass by are the Dairy and Strawberry Fields.

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